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The Supreme Steel Framing System was developed over three years of continuous study. Supreme steel studs have a superior yield strength of 57 ksi, reduced thicknesses for easier screw attachment and a larger flange width for enhanced drywall attachment and target area.

Neal Peterson, a professional engineer and founder of Devco Engineering, and an independent stud manufacturer teamed up with the idea of using high-yield strength 57 ksi steel in a light gauge stud. Before this, no one had used or made public this application of high-yield strength steel in a light gauge stud.

Neal played a huge role in the Supreme Steel Framing System’s development and worked with Thomas Miller, Ph.D., of Oregon State University’s School of Civil and Construction Engineering. Neal engineered the exact profile size of the stud, as well as the engineering and calculation of wall heights and the structural properties of the steel. Neal also participated in the first composite wall height testing, which Thomas supervised.

Thomas earned the respect of the industry for providing all of the testing of Cold-Formed Steel Wall Stud Panels for the Metal Stud Manufacturer’s Association (MSMA). He also provided the earlier composite wall testing for the Steel Stud Manufacturer’s Association (SSMA). All of the testing conforms to the IBC Codes and Standards, which still apply today.


The Supreme Steel Framing System currently has 15 different Underwriters Laboratories (UL) designs for 1-hour through 4-hour firewalls. Additionally, Riverbanks Acoustical Laboratories conducted sound testing, proving that Supreme studs have excellent sound transmission class (STC) ratings.

Independent steel stud manufacturing companies with a strong commitment to excellence throughout the United States produce Supreme Steel Framing Systems. All Supreme products are certified through IAPMO ER-0313.