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The Supreme Framing System studs and track is a design that uses thinner steel with superior high-yield strength when compared to traditional material. The Supreme Steel Framing System is available nationally through multiple independent steel stud manufacturers.

  • Complies with 2012 & 2015 IBC
  • Multiple Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved fire-rated assemblies
  • Excellent acoustical performance
  • High-strength steel, reducing screw stripping
  • Fasten drywall gauges with sharp point screws
  • Wider flanges for screw placement
  • Full line of Supreme Framing accessories
  • ŸHat channel and Z-furring
  • ŸSlotted leg track
  • ŸCustom brake shapes

Lower costs

Higher yield strength steel leads to an allowable reduction…

Wider flanges

Wider flanges aid in the strength of the stud…

Reduced screw spin-out

The ultimate strength of the steel creates a much stronger connection…

Third-party tested and certified

This report certifies all of the Supreme Framing members…

Multiple UL rated assemblies

The Supreme Framing System holds 10 different UL listings…

Acoustic Performance Testing

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories tested the sound transmission…